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We enjoy researching our horses' pedigrees (family trees)
and sharing this information with others.

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Sire Lines are the paternal (topside) of the horse's pedigree: the sire's sire,
then his sire, then his sire, then his sire, etc.
Tail Female Lines are the maternal (bottom) of the horse's pedigree: the dam's dam, then her dam, then her dam,
then her dam, etc. The Bedouins placed particular weight on the strength of the Tail Female in the pedigree.
BAIRACTAR---  Arax, Gwarny
BARQ--- Gulastra, *Nasik, Rissalix, Abu Farwa, Synbad+
DAHMAN-AMIR--- *Barich de Washoe
*DEYR-- Ankar, Tripoli
IBRAHIM -- *Raffles, *Raseyn, Ferzon, *Naborr, *Salon, *Muscat
ILDERIM--- Aquinor, *Sulejman, *Muzulmanin++
KOHEILAN ADJUZE--- *Lotnik, Pomeranets, *Pietuszok
KRZYZYK--- Banat, *Mohacz, *Kluszyn
KUHAILAN AFAS-- Pohaniec, *Eter, *Zbrucz, *Czester+
KUHAILAN HAIFI -- *Bask++, *Aladdinn, *El Paso, *Witez II, Etap, *Sambor++
*MIRAGE--- Bey Shah+, Fame VF+, Huckleberry Bey++, Barbary+++, Pulque
SAKLAWI I  -- *Morafic, *Ansata Ibn Halima++, *El Shaklan, *Padron
ZOBEYNI--- *Fadl, *Nasr, *Zarife, *Ibn Hafiza
*NEDJME --  
SELMA ---  
Arabian horses were exported from their native desert lands to many different
countries, mostly to improve local horses. Nearly every modern horse breed can
trace its ancestry to the Arabian breed. Although most Arabians were crossed
on local horses to create new breeds, some countries kept Arabians to be bred
exclusively. The most famous countries for breeding Arabians include Egypt,
England, Poland, Russia, Spain, and the United States.
Arabian horses who trace in all lines to horses bred in Egypt are called
"Egyptian Arabians"; the same is true for Crabbet (a famous stud farm in
England), Polish, Russian, Spanish, and American ("domestic").

Most of the Arabians at Echo Valley are a blend of Polish, Crabbet, and early
American Arabian lines, with the exceptions being Whiz, who is half-Egyptian,
and Durango, who is half-Russian.

Some famous Arabians in our horses' pedigrees include:
was imported to the US
from  the Crabbet Stud
in England.  
Nearly every horse on
our farm traces to
is of all Polish breeding but
was imported to the US
from Sweden; he was
named National Champion
in both the US & Sweden.
was born in Poland, then
exported to Russia before
he came to the US. His
progeny were influential in
all three countries.
FERZON was bred here in the
USA. He was a blend of
bloodlines from Crabbet Stud
in England and horses
Homer Davenport inported
to the US from the desert.
was imported from Poland where he
was a successful racehorse.
He was a great showhorse here in
the US & the all-time leading sire of
National winners.
*MORAFIC was imported
to the US from Egypt.
bred in the US and is
of over 3/4 Polish
breeding. His sire line
is a blend of Crabbet
and Davenport horses.