1990-2012 chestnut
Egyptian/CMK Arabian gelding
(DR Jahim x Gee Gee Whiz)
bred by Larry & Mary Hannah
Whiz was one of our
favorite lesson
& show horses.
He had a springy trot and
rocking chair canter,
and a huge love of
peppermint candy.
He was euthanized after
apparently colicking during
the night.
                       *Morafic (Nazeer x Mabrouka)
Shaikh Al Badi 1969 grey stallion
                        *Bint Maisa El Saghira++ (Nazeer x Maisa)
DR Jahim  
1984 grey stallion
                        Ibn Fa-Serr (Fa-Serr x Fa Deene)
Serr Beth 1975 bay mare
                        Sera Beth (Fa-Serr x Serabah)
                        Cedardel Heritage (Synbad+ x Lallegra)
             Cedardell Wizard
1968 chestnut stallion
                        Silver Starlight (Hassan-Pasha x Su-Rhana)
Gee Gee Wiz
1972 chestnut mare
                        Aniq (Gezan x Anaga)
              Dawns Fire
1958 chestnut mare
                         Raqay (Aaraq x Ragay)
Whizpering Sheikh
Whiz's Pedigree