Princess was known as "29" when we
purchased at an auction in 1995, due to
the "29" brand on her side.
A grade Miniature of unknown breeding,
she was very sweet and bred to a very
ornery Miniature stallion, producing
Brandy the next spring.
She was skinny, wormy, dull-coated,
and had scars all over her back
rain rot.

She eventually filled out to be a very nice
little mare, and with her special little
horseshoes to keep her sound
we enjoyed showing her at halter
at the local shows, where she received
many ribbons & compliments.

Probably due to her history,
she was prone to
colic and laminitis,
and after a major
colic episode was
euthanized in 1998.
Princess with her foal, Brandy