This page  last updated Feb. 10, 2018
2017 Year in Review
The babies are growing up! All of them were shown locally at halter this year, learning to experience trailer
loading, standing tied for extended periods, being handled by new people, and in new locations!
Although we lost our sweet lesson horse Kaz,
Zoe had a baby colt soon after, which we
named in his honor. Welcome Baby Kaz!
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We also welcomed the arrival of Heather's two mares,
Diamond and Ruby, in the hopes of getting them bred this year!
We welcomed the addition of new
boarders, Doc, Honey, and Ayiana!
Lastly, we were
excited about
Mindy's last foal:
baby Ember!
She is adorable,
and looks so
much like her
It was sad losing a favorite lesson
horse, Kaz, to liver cancer.
Work was begun on enclosing the barn loft, hopefully
for use for summer camps sometime in the future!
Kitten Patrick showed up in our barn on St. Patrick's day, and orphan kitten Esther was
adopted this summer
New puppy Annie rounded
out the new arrivals