Stan Kenney was the judge of the all-Halter
show held at Echo Valley Arabians on
Saturday, May 19th.  Horses were shown in
Halter, Showmanship, and Liberty.

For most showers, this was their first time
halter showing! It was a fun time, and Stan
did a great job judging for us!

1.Liberty – Geldings (6)
1st Durango & Kassidy Greenhaw,
2nd Raskel & Megan Keown,
3rd Flair & Sarah Bodine, 4th Tig & Lily,
5th Whiz & Gabriella Burghart,
6th Kris & Clarisse dela Court

2.Halter – Mares (5)
1st Kyra & Jewel Martinez,
2nd Aya & Macey Fielding, 3rd Praise
& Jayden Fielding, 4th Prize & Clarisse
dela Court, 5th Baby & Hannah Lawler

3.Halter – Geldings (7)
1st Raz & Megan Keown,
2nd Flair & Sarah Bodine, 3rd Whiz
& Gabriella Burghart, 4th Durango
& Kassidy Greenhaw, 5th Tig & Lily
Wurley, 6th Hank & Sarah Morton,
HM Kris & Clarisse dela Court

Raskel & Megan Keown
RESERVE: Kyra & Jewel Martinez

4.Arabian Most Classic (7)
1st Prize & Clarisse dela Court, 2nd Flair
& Sarah Bodine, 3rd Raz & Megan Keown,
4th Whiz & Gabriella Burghart, 5th Kyra
& Jewel Martinez, 6th Tig & Lily Wurley,
HM Praise & Jayden Fielding

5.Showmanship – 13-17 (4)
1st Flair & Sarah Bodine, 2nd Durango
& Kassidy Greenhaw, 3rd Kyra & Jewel
Martinez, 4th Raskel & Megan Keown

6.Showmanship – 10-12 (4)
1st Praise & Jayden Fielding, 2nd Tig
& Lily Wurley, 3rd Whiz & Gabriella
Burghart, 4th Baby & Hannah Lawler

7.Showmanship – 9 & under (3)
1st Aya & Macey Fielding,
2nd Prize & Clarisse dela Court,
3rd Hank & Sarah Morton

Praise & Jayden Fielding    
RESERVE: Aya & Macey Fielding

8.Liberty – Mares (4)
1st Aya & Macey Fielding,
2nd Kyra & Jewel Martinez,
3rd Prize & Clarisse dela Court,
4th Praise & Jayden Fielding
SarahM & Hank in Intro Level
Clarisse & Kris with judge Stan Kenney
Gabbie & Whiz
Res. Halter Champion
Kyra shown by Jewel
Halter Champion
Raz shown by MegK
Durango at Liberty
Flair at Liberty
Showmanship Champion Jayden & Praise
& Reserve Champion Macey & Aya